In early 2019, Focalspec decided to revamp their website, visual appearance, and all materials related to the sales process, including brochures, technical sheets, presentations, etc.

My role in the project was to design the concept of the website, create new visual elements for the brand, and update the graphic guidebook.

Sales through and through

While Focalspec’s products were top-of-the-line and of high quality, their other materials weren’t quite at the same level. Therefore, they enlisted Avidly Agency to enhance their visual appearance, and I was personally nominated as the lead designer in the process.

As the work progressed and sales gained more material for their use, the sales process accelerated so quickly that by the end of 2019 LMI Technologies acquired the whole company, significantly boosting their upcoming revenues to profitability.

Even after the company acquisition, the website and visual materials were gradually updated to the new company look; however, some of the materials are still in use in 2024.