In 2020, Raute made the decision to enhance their digital visibility and revamp their online service. Avidly Agency conceptualized and designed the user experience for the new raute.com.

My role in the project involved designing the overall look of the investor website, conceptualizing the product and knowledge sections of raute.com, and creating an icon system as part of the design system for broader use.

Award winning investor pages

The renewal project commenced with the redesign of investor pages. The work was guided by a business analyst’s concept and involved crafting the overall look and feel of the website, including the grid system, overall layout, and wireframe. This encompassed enhancing the usability of interactive elements such as buttons, tables, forms, drop-downs/accordions, mega/side menus, sliders, CTAs, etc.

As a result, in 2022 Raute received an award for the best Investors website in an annual competition organized by the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion and the Finnish Society of Financial Analysts. However, none of the researchers, designers, developers, or their companies were mentioned in the awards.

Raute.com and the Design System

After completing the investor pages, the focus shifted to the main pages of raute.com. These main website pages were built upon the same elements used in the investor website, with a few reforms and exceptions.

A significant challenge for these pages was how to effectively present the extensive catalog of machines, components, parts, and applications to a global audience. Additionally, addressing the language barrier and explaining the differences and main benefits of each object to an audience without a common language with the sales team posed another challenge.

To address these issues, a solution was implemented: the creation of an online catalog with mega menus, side menus, and comprehensive information for each component. This allowed users to easily find the required information, regardless of where they landed on the pages.

To overcome the language barrier, a universal icon catalog was developed to cater to all sales needs. This icon catalog included icons for the website, technical tables, applications, brochures, etc. It was integrated into Raute’s Design System, alongside all the different pieces and sections designed for the websites.