Podium is a company whose main products are applications that connect medical representatives (pharmaceutical companies, product developers, etc.) with healthcare professionals (hospitals, doctors, healthcare, etc.). Although the application was already widely used by various professionals, in 2020, Podium reached out to Avidly Agency to update its overall appearance to a more professional level.

My role in this project was to design and produce visual and video material related to the “Encounter of Tomorrow” concept, revamp the overall look of the website and mobile application, and build the website itself using WP Elementor implementation.

Encounters of Tomorrow - Transparently

Although the application was already in use, and the company had some existing customer base, there was a need to expand its reach to achieve a specific strategic market share. Additionally, due to the nature of the topic, the main challenge was to transparently communicate the benefits of the application to different target groups without appearing too overtly as “pharmaceutical lobbying.” The first step in the process was to understand not only the needs and interests of different target groups but also the criteria by which different applications are chosen in various communities and how this information is communicated to colleagues.

At the core of the concept was emphasizing the benefits that users receive both in the present and the future. The message was centered around “Encounters of Tomorrow,” which could relate to technology and humanity, as well as the integration of new methods into traditional practices, the interaction between patients and doctors, and the dialogue among various medical professionals.

Given that the user group is firmly rooted in the present reality, it was crucial to find the psychological boundary of when “encountering the future” is perceived negatively as too futuristic and abstract and when it safely refers to the latest innovations.

As a result of the work, the company gained visual impact and additional sales tools. Consequently, the revenue for the year 2021 increased by 39%, and the profit increased by 26% compared to the previous year.